The three things l love to do during the winter months made me think it would be a great idea to package it up as a mini break after the excess indulgence at Christmas and New Year. This is for everyone, all ages, all levels and sizes, this is about YOU and discovering the true benefits of mountain air.

  1. Wake up to 3 morning sessions of yoga to get the blood pumping and get yourself ready for the day ahead with a fully qualified instructor.
  2. 2 x 3 hours of cookery fun, soups, winter salads, cheese, meats, grains, cakes and desserts.
  3. Winter attire required for the snow shoeing session through the forests floors with a local qualified mountain guide.

Are you ready to come and spend 4 nights in front of a cosy fire, deserving of that glass of red wine? Are you ready to kick start the New Year with this unique experience, learning to breath in the true natural essence of life? This is the first time putting these activities together and we’re  hoping you will find it as exciting as we do! If you have any further questions please contact us on

Dates –  3rd -7th February

Price – 650€ per person – full board, all instruction, equipment, luxury accommodation x 4 nights

Snow shoeing

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