Why Savoie? Well let’s start a journey together, for you to understand this region that has held our hearts for more than 28 years. From this moment on you won’t have to ask if we get lonely, if we feel isolated, if we get bored, if we miss the company of people, no, you will be wanting to join us and experience this magical place and the adventures it can offer those who are ready to lose part of their heart.

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Beauty is year round, the 4 seasons are fairly honest, from the Winter snow, Spring flowers, Summer heat or Autumn shades, there is a time and moment for everyone here to be happy. Hugh and l enjoy the change of colours, the vast change of temperatures, the trees filled or emptied of their leaves . The light changes, the mountains glow in the darkness, the stars are abundant and we can promise the views will take your breath away.

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  • We ski Courchevel, Meribel and Val Morel, all within a 35 minute drive. Some of the best ski resorts in the world on our doorstep for a day trip.
  • When the going gets tough, we take time out in the natural thermal springs just at the base of our mountain.
  • A short drive of 1.3 hours will take us to Italy, through the Frejus tunnel where we can meet friends, drink great wine and indulge ourselves with fresh pasta.
  • Cycling heaven, we are in the heart of the French Alps, it’s incredible whats available. Hugh is out most days either on the road or on his mountain bike.
  • Walking, hiking, rafting,climbing, it’s a place for outdoor enthusiasts – made for us.
  • International airports are 1.45, Geneva or Lyon. Moutiers train station can also connect us to many destinations.
  • 1 hour from Lake Annecy, my shopping sweet spot, great restaurants, swimming, sailing and picnics with guests on the edge of the lake.
  • We have guests year round, from ALL over the world, each person brings a story, a smile and we have pleasure entertaining and learning from everyone.
  • We can pick fruit, mushrooms and visit our local market twice a week, there is nothing except “Vegemite” we can’t find. Fresh food is the best food for us.
  • Organic local cheese can be bought directly from the farmers house in the next village.
  • Cross country, back country skiing is 1km further up the mountain, our new tourist information centre can rent all you need.
  • Our neighbours and local friends are generous, caring and we are often hiking, dining, snow shoeing or just hanging out together.
  • We even have a beauty & massage therapist that come and treat us and our guests when required. Yes, its true, lm not joking, table and all.
  • There are no shops up here, this is detox heaven without knowing it, we love it like this.
  • We have everything we need, a life without pollution and noise, organic food from the gardens, sport, a view, a safe place to live and enjoy life with YOU!
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