It’s been a while since l updated the progress on the barn but the winter months made it impossible for Hugh to work on the property, -15C, dumping snow and no heating, a solid reason to show no progress.

So now winter is behind us, Hugh has being motivated to get things moving once again. He has taken down walls and repointed them, levelled floors, filled holes, dug a trench for the waste pipes and after pulling the plaster from the ceilings has found beautiful Savoyard ceiling beams, which of course he will keep intact to make a feature. Lucien, our neighbour was very excited to see the ceiling as it’s a traditional Savoyard building technique that is rarely seen these days or kept. It does mean a lot more work for Hugh as in between each beam there is a random fill of rumble and cement that needs securing and the beams all need to be individually treated. Of course, the end result will be something unique and appreciated by all who step foot into the lounge.

You can see in this image the beams and the wall that Hugh is repointing. Lounge area.

The fire place is going to sit here. You can just see all the mess between each beam.

The floors are all level, we have bought a beautiful dark rustic oak to lay in this area.

The door leading down to the cave room was far too low for anyone to use without hitting your head, so Hugh made a plinth and made an arch out of the stone from the wall.

He even had some help and advice from our mate Gabriel Gate

The end result is lovely, Hugh is going to build a thick oak door to finish the effect.

So now Hugh is in the cave room / bathroom / lounge area. What a job!

Digging out the floor for height, level it, build a wall, repoint an original wall.

The cave bedroom and upper level bathroom are starting to take shape.

Now a trench to lay a plinth, to lay a floor.

Looking from the bathroom into the small and cosy cave room, open plan.

So this gives an idea of where we are at today, progress is good, Hugh is happy but at times tired with all the heavy lifting – nothing that a good night sleep and a healthy meal can’t repair.

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