It’s about time we gave you a little more insight to what we actually achieve in the kitchen at Chalet Savoie Faire.
No matter what time of year there is always action in the kitchen, laughter, chatting, stories told, hot recipe tips, fresh food and cooking for all to share around a big table.
Last week the weather was all over the place, rain, snow and sunshine, anyone would think l was back living in Melbourne. Warm comfort foods were required when the evening storms arrived, the following day brought 26C so salads were thrown onto the agenda.
Our menu matches the mixed seasonal weather, so this is what we achieved on a two day course in no particular order :

– Fondue Savoyard with the local produce from the farmers.
– Grilled asparagus, poached egg and Parmesan salad
– Grain mustard and honey dressing for the green salad
– Roasted cauliflower and saffaron salad with pomegranate seeds
– Organic wild rice, roasted sweet potato, green beans, garlic, parsley, sun-dried tomatoes and crushed sesame seed salad
– Leek, red pepper and goats cheese tartlets
– Beaufort cheese souffle
– Rich chocolate and beetroot torte
– Toasted brioche with chorizo, spinach and cream
– Apple and dried fruit chutney
– Courgette and raspberry loaf cake
– Walnut and honey tarts
– Diots, the local sausages with an onion and white wine sauce, served with a crozet gratin (pasta from the region)
– Slow cooked lamb and beans
– Walnut and beaufort wholemeal bread
– Frangipani and red berry mini tarts
– Roasted tomato and orange soup
– Watercress and potato soup
– Choux pastry, savoury and sweet

Believe it or not we did manage all these recipes and we also ate everything with a smile, knowing everyone had a hand in each part of the process.

Come and play, whether it be a half day or many days, you won’t walk away without a full belly, a smile and new knowledge to share with family and friends.

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