Things have certainly moved along since my last post at the start of September. Hugh had set himself 5 goals to achieve before we head back to Oz for a well deserved rest next week.

Goal 1 – The fire needed to be installed and in working order, because on our return in December the winter snow chill will have arrived. Impossible to renovate in cold conditions, so this became a priority.

I had bought this sweet Godin fire over 10 years ago, it was suppose to be installed in the CSF dining hall, although the 18 meter draw was too long, too expensive and too complicated. So as I say, everything happens for a reason, it’s just perfect for the lounge area, and heats the whole area very quickly.

Goal 2 – The electrical box needed to be moved from the lounge area into the garage below. This took me quite a bit of time to arrange with the authorities and a local technician, plus a whole lot of paperwork to fill in (well, we are in France after all ). Happy to say this was achieved last week and we no longer have the 1840 look of electrical antiques.

Goal 3 – To have the oak flooring down in the living room and bedroom. Of course the plastering of the walls are not yet done but in Hugh’s head he wanted a semi finished look to come back and feel motivated to continue.

My little toes just popped in to see if it was been done properly, as a site Manager (bla bla bla) I need to be all over it.

An enjoyable job but Hugh still can’t stand up straight.

May look a little dusty but these planks of wood are beautiful, the old grain texture, the colour, the look.

Goal 4 – Have the old Savoyard ceiling plaster finished between each beam. What a long job this was, hence why the bedroom ceiling has not made it onto the goal list, it needs to wait until Hugh has his shoulder sockets back in place.

Goal 5 – Level the flooring in the small bedroom, build up the floor in the ensuite bathroom for evacuation purposes and start the petition wall of the ensuite bathroom.



So Im hoping you are starting to see our vision? I know most people we showed into the barn thought we were mad (well, you know l am) and couldn’t see past the crumbling walls and cobwebs, but I promise you, your views may change after seeing Hugh’s latest achievements.

I have had the best fun shopping the local antique shops for treasures, crystal glasses, chandeliers, a hand carved buffet over 150 years old, which will be a real centre piece when you walk through the front door.


This is my favourite part, decorating, looking for the unique, creative mix of modern comfort and old goods, for the ultimate cosy mountain look. My head is swimming, tiles, plaster, paint, bedding, sinks, taps, stone shower trays etc, etc = FUN.





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