The Barn has really taken shape the last few months, Hugh has been working so hard, moving rocks, breaking down pillars of stone, laying floors, plastering between beams, insulating, laying pipes for the plumbing and cables for the electricity. It’s been non stop and l have been helping where possible with all the tedious paperwork, setting up meetings for moving electrical boxes, quotes for the septic, plans for windows and a larger terrace, diagnostics for public land digs and the list goes on and on……….etc etc etc and l won’t bore you any more.

Of course there is still a lot to do but Hugh is on schedule and all the hard lifting has finally stopped (phew, he is now 60 lol). The longest part is plastering between the old beams that are filled with a rough mix of stones and loose cement, I did suggest we cover up for a quick fix but the Hughbie was having none of it. He wants the feature, no matter how long the task will take.

Here are a few photos of progression – we are still aiming for May. Open your eyes and see the picture unfolding.

Cave bathroom prep.

The small cave bathroom – display sinks will be soon gone, replaced with stone sinks. Wedi board everywhere.


Steps leading from the cave ensuite bedroom to cave lounge area.

Prepping the cave lounge flooring – lots of underfloor insulating.

The cave lounge floor will be finished with a beautiful dark rustic solid oak

Looking from the kitchen into the cave lounge


Starting the battening out in the lounge and kitchen area, then insulation, then solid oak.

Finally a clean, level and open surface to work in.


Hugh knocked the chimney down (without a mask grrrrrr) so we can insert the Godin fire in the corner.

Now to get Enedis up here, to give us a quote to get the electrical box moved into the garage.

Batten the walls in the kitchen area for the electricity, start the applience planning &  where tummies become happy.

Now Hugh tackles the most tedious part of the whole renovation – prepping between the beams, cleaning each one of the beams, treating the beams for woodworm and then finally lightly staining them. We know it will be worth it in the end!


So that’s the up to date picture, hope you are enjoying the journey!

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