Renovation Update

I know I’m slack, please forgive the delay, I get carried away cooking and forget that I haven’t given an update for over 10 months, so here we go. Chez Milo if officially finished on the inside, apart for a few pieces of furniture that l’m still sourcing. I’m excited about this update because I finally have beautiful & professional photos to show that were taken by the talented Christine Harrison.

Dream Room

So remember that horrid, dark and dingy little room with no head height that Hugh dug out by hand (phase 8).

Well, the man with creative magic fingers, strength and a determination like no other has created this stunning space – an ensuite twin or double bedroom, that is unique, quiet and cosy. Silk pillow slips created by Debra Bowen, velvet & cotton on the beds from India, oak & underfloor heating, plaster, stones, a woollen rug and a few chandeliers from the Troc to give the bedroom that rustic but elegant look.  A place where dreams are made!



Dream Bathroom

I love this little bathroom, hidden underground and with so much charm and simple beauty, it’s a space to embrace. The tiles came from Italy, an antique mirror, a old recycled beam to support the shower screen mixed with a modern sink and underfloor heating come together beautifully. The old and the new creating a unique look!

The Cloud Room

I remember showing my Mum and Kim this room when we first bought the place, speechless is not the word that comes to mind – I know they were both thinking Hugh and I had gone mad! But they should have known better, they now both claim this place as their own second residence lol.


I have called this the cloud room as it has one of the two only windows that exist in the property. A place with a double or twin bed layout where you can watch the movement of the sky above. Laying in bed, cosy under a fluffy quilt, head on a silk pillow, you can look to the sky and float with the clouds (don’t worry I haven’t been drinking). Oak flooring, original Savoyard ceiling beams that took Hugh 6 weeks to etch back, point, plaster and seal, an ensuite bathroom, wool curtains and a divine chestnut cupboard.

Cloud Bathroom

Using the same Italian tiles as the other bathroom with underfloor heating, a different sink set up, due to the smaller space l had to play with. I found the mirror in a little shop in Moutiers and the wall sink support at a local brocante, such a cute combo. I still have a small light to source above the mirror but apart from that this room is ready to go.


The Snug

Hugh had to raise the floor for this room, lay underfloor heating and then finished it with dark wood. The walls have about three layers of thick plaster on them, keeping the rustic tone in this once upon a time, coal storage room.

What a transformation, now we can offer you a snug, to sing in, to read with tea or write with a bite, to relax, or to sleep with lifted feet. This is a room that will embrace you from the moment you step down into it. It’s filled with treasures, beautiful paintings from Kaye Bellis AUS and Dr Peter Dean UK, a rug from Morocco, upholstered chairs by Ashely Hutchison,  Alison Haysey offered us a stunning Aboriginal Walka designed cushion ( Walka is any meaningful mark or pattern and may be an image on a cave wall and has cultural and ritual significance) and then there is Desmond, our majestic goat who will look after you, keeping you safe and grounded. Love the Snug.

Lounge and Kitchen

I will always remember this space when l first opened the door to cobwebs, mould, low ceilings, crumbling walls, a sink with cold water, cord covered electrical cables, dirt encrusted lino and a few random light fittings.  How the lovely old man Milou lived here is beyond my comprehension, but that is another story in itself.

The ceiling was pulled back to find more stunning old beams, these took Hugh months to point and seal between each and every one, to sand them back, to seal them and stain them, but it was SO worth all the effort! Oak floors were laid, a fire place was installed to keep Hugh warm over the winter months, the walls were plastered, leaving  some of the old stone work as a reminder of what was found when the inner walls came down. A cosy and warm space to be shared with family and friends, a beautiful chandelier from a manor house near Lyon, silver chickens gifted by Tracey, Hubert the colourful peacock gifted by Kim, an abundance of silverware and crystal came over from Oz with Mum and Claudette, an expresso machine for the early mornings, old hand carved chairs I purchased over 20 years ago at a Brocante, an antique dresser that could tell a thousand tales and a bespoke kitchen dining table made by the man himself with table legs I found at an industrial site. All these loving items came together as a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces fit, to give you a special and unique space!  The only thing left to do is change the window to a double glazed pane and learn how to work the oven .


I trust you have enjoyed this little tour of Chez Milo,there is still a list of things to do outside but guess where you think Hugh is now, yep, you know he is looking at the facade, the terrace and the man cave but those small things doesn’t stop it been available to rent, when Mum, Kim and Claudette aren’t there, which of course is impossible at this stage, as they are all in lockdown in Victoria, so get in whilst you can.

It will be up on our web site as soon but please share this with your friends or family who would love to know about a gorgeous safe space in the Fresh Alps. A place where you can cycle, mountain bike, hike, rock climb, cook (with me), do yoga, reflect, relax and reconnect to nature.

This is a labour of love, Hugh believes it is his best work to date, renovated for everyone to enjoy (until we retire)!


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