So aside from moving all the treasures that were left for us to the rubbish, Hugh decided to take down the walls at the same time, l mean why not?. The once dark and dingy bedrooms have become open spaces, behind one of the back walls we found a lovely stone foundation, in need of repointing and an extra 6cm of space. This now becomes a feature wall and eventually the kitchen will be built into this area, leaving a large open space for a lounge and fire place. At this stage l’m asking you to open your mind and use your imagination to what will be.

This was the back bedroom, which will now become a small open plan kitchen and dining room.


The first finding of stone, l love this entrance that drops into the cave room.


More stone, more space, more pointing for Hugh.


One day this will be a stunning bathroom and bedroom.

Same bedroom as photo above, the window will be changed from floor to ceiling.

Slowly the little spaces have become lovable – Are you feeling the same excitement as we are?

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