Susan and David had been told about our little piece of paradise, a friend who had celebrated a birthday at Chalet Savoie Faire a few months previous to them starting to look for a venue. They gave me a call and l invited them up for afternoon tea, little was l to know that my fruit cake had David sold straight away – his favourite cake LOL, putty in my hands.


A date was set, 26th April 2018, the end of the winter season, the start of Spring. A menu was designed around their love of vegetarian food, 40 guests and a deliciously healthy 4 course meal was planned around seasonal and local produce.

They wanted a family get together mid week, a meal to share, to relax, laugh and meet each others families. They gave me a brief – vegetarian, buffet, rose wine, outdoors if possible. This was my time to surprise them all, so I danced for the sunshine to show it’s happy face and it worked. You see, I have a secret spot in the forest, just “follow the doves” l said and they followed and they found and they saw what nature has on offer. A wonderful picnic with the most incredible views down the valley. Everyone was happy!


A few days before the wedding l had many little helpers, we set tables with white linen, hand carved wooden name places with fresh rosemary and lavender, vine leaves and candles were placed everywhere. My hand made bunting was hung and before too long the once drab town hall was given a face lift of rustic beauty. It’s so lovely when everyone has a hand in the end result, making it a special place for all to enjoy.


On the day of the wedding, the bride always has our bedroom to get ready in, a view of the church, the mountains and plenty of room to invite the friends with bottlers of bubbles, hairdressers and make-up artists.


David was sure to want a fruit cake, so l set my mind on 5 layers of love, cranberries, currents, raisins, apricots, dates and figs, not forgetting the bottle of Brandy and Sherry that was used keeping it moist. This was my gift to them, a rustic mountain of goodness.

Pre dinner drinks and nibbles were outdoors next to the fountain, lanterns were hung, music was playing softly in the background and champagne was free flowing into old crystal glass ware. The weather was perfect, the scene was set for the start of a great night.

First course was a roasted tomato, orange and basil soup, followed by Pastries filled with roasted pumpkin, potatoes, leeks, lentils and loads of fresh herbs with a fruit chutney. Three salads accompanied the pies – a black bean and feta salad, a mixed green salad and a roasted cauliflower, aubergine and pomegranate salad.


After this a local cheese platter was presented with  – Tomme de Savoie made by Max, our neighbour – Beaufort Alpage and a Blue – served with an onion jam, organic oat biscuits and dried fruits & nuts.

Then came the dessert, Susan’s favourite – meringues topped with a lemon cream and fresh red fruits. The perfect finish to their perfect night.



The band started up – “Bring your sister” and tables were moved and people started moving to the groove, more friends arrived from surrounding mountains and the party started to kick off, as did the high shoes.


I’m always sad to see the end of a week, especially one that passed with such ease and passion. Wonderful people from Canada, France, UK and Scotland, all united to celebrate the love of a gorgeous couple, David and Susan.


Thank you for choosing Chalet Savoie Faire, we feel truly honoured to be a part of your special week of celebrations. May your life together be forever colourful! Nikki & Hugh.

If this beautiful, relaxed atmosphere, full of family and friends is what you want for your special day, drop me a line and we can help you create your magical moment.

We have a great address book for function venues, photographers, hairdressers, florists and bands. The cover photo was taken by Polly @ Polly’s Dynamic Wedding Pics, a truly gifted talent to capture the essence of the day. My bedroom and bathroom photos were taken by Douglas @ Douglas Gibb Photography.

Mountains, nature, fresh air, a stunning view in the heart of the French Alps and a creative spirit is the recipe for your perfect day, come and see us for any special occasion.

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