Document the build from start to finish l hear you all say over and over again , ok, ok, ok, this is the start. This blog will let you see the step by step progress into creating a new space for you all to enjoy one day in the future. It will be slow as we are still running CSF full time, so once a month we will update with a progress report. Hugh will finally have a large garage for his bikes, motor bikes and tools. Hugh is excited, he loves the creative side of building and thinking outside of the box, using recycled materials and up market eco friendly products – luckily it doesn’t hold the same enormous challenges we faced 14 years ago when we purchased CSF.

Hugh will work at his own pace, still having time to cycle, yet l know his mind will always be calculating some aspect of the build until it is finished. My job is to make sure he is fed correctly, purchase the finer items (my favourite past time) and make sure they are placed in the right space, we are a team, we enjoy the creative side of making something very ugly into a cosy beautiful cocoon to share.

The little attached house is situated in Grande Naves, 1 km from CSF, it hasn’t been lived in for more than 15 years, the smell gives that away as soon as you open the front door. We are going to create a lovely open plan living area that moves onto a little terrace with wonderful views, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Above the living area is a barn, this is my amazing space, to hide my car from the snow in winter and safely store all my party crystal, table cloths, candelabras and “brocante” treasures (my op shop finds).  So the three floors all take part in our head space, plans that will most probably change over time but this stage it is the start of another shared vision that will be given a lot of love and attention, a vision we hope you will enjoy watching the progress and development over time.



Yes we are a little mad, but as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained! New roof, new electrics, new plumbing, there is no bathroom so to speak and no septic tank, so we are starting from scratch. Our heads have been scratched quite a lot lately, cobwebs, dust or just thinking where to start?




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