Quite a lot of progress since the 10th of February, Hugh hasn’t stopped, starting at 8.00 am, a quick lunch at 2.00 and then back he goes until 6.00pm (lucky the wife knows the right type of energy food to feed him –  can’t have him stopping or feeling tired). He’s filling in old coal deposit holes, repairing stone walls, filling in windows that are of no use, insulating bathroom walls, preparing the floors for the underfloor heating and plastering ceilings. Grant  has made great progress on the plumbing but unfortunately this has come to an abrupt stop – i mean, who skateboards in the middle of winter??????? Poor guy had an accident, damaging his rotator cuff so he’s resting for a few more weeks.

Using the rustic wood found in the barn to make frames, shelves, doors and speakers supports.



The bathrooms have been decked out with Wedi board – no chance of a leak this way.

I had fun buying large sinks – so large that one of them won’t fit Durrrrr. Oh well, I have a plan, it can be used in the yoga bathroom.

These are the beautiful Italian porcelain tiles for the bathroom floors and wet room areas. The blue tiles will be used for the splash backs and a large rustic egg shell tile will be used for the walls.

Even the switches have gone in for the wall lights.

Rather large holes to fill in with rocks and cement.

And another hole.

Now the vaulted ceilings in the second lounge can be plastered – but only now the cables have been hidden (we know Hugh has to hide ALL the cables).

Having a mad moment with his spatula !

I have always visualised this space, wooden floors, a vaulted ceiling, colourful sofas, toasty rugs, furry throws plus a few sneaky chandeliers. A cosy space indeed!

When l can’t find Hugh on the build, I know exactly where he is, chilling out or cycling like a mad man in his very own man cave.


And when Hugh can’t find me, he knows l’ve gone unique shopping ……..


So the plan forward goes a bit like this: underfloor heating, oak for the cave bedroom and 2nd lounge area, finish the plastering, 2 bathrooms to be tiled and plumbed in, a kitchen to be built, a new front door has been ordered, enlarge the terrace, outdoor wash and toilet area, work studio for yoga, writing, meditation, painting retreats…………..I think you get the picture, still lots to do but confident it will come together by the end of summer. Hugh is still smiling, he is so happy creating a beautiful space with his own hands – now that’s something very special!


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