A quick update to what Hugh has achieved since the middle of December – I say the middle because for the first 10 days of our return from holidays, we dealt with the three floor flooding in the house whilst we were on holiday. Luckily we have the most amazing neighbours and by the time we got home most of the water had gone, the linen washed, the rooms dried out and Hugh was left with the cracks in the ceilings, loose tiling, my kitchen bench stained and split, lights not working and plaster falling from the walls……………seriously, always turn your water off when you go away on holiday (even with a new boiler in place – they can still leak! ).

So Hugh’s motivation still astounds me, he had no sooner repaired all the problems in Chalet Savoie Faire , that he was back in the Barn chipping away. The man is a machine – he loves creating, building and seeing a beautifully finished area (whether we see it or not, he finished everything to the highest standard).

Bedroom 1 – the walls needed to be plastered, the door leading out of the room needed to be dressed with old oak, the bathroom wall has also been finished with rustic wood. The ceiling also had to get started, cleaning the dust and rubble, plastering between each beam (painful process just watching this from my side), sanding down each beam and then protecting them with a oil stain. Hugh managed 4 hours a day on these and then the arms and neck needed a rest, but he has now finished this ceiling and it looks absolutely amazing.

Plastering in-between the beams

The ensuite wall looks beautifully rustic, using pieces of wood found in the barn.


Little nook for the bedroom, hiding all cables for tv and music system.

Old oak surrounding the door frame – looking through into the lounge, you can see how unique this place is going to be.

The finished ceiling, the beams are protected and oiled and  on display for all who choose to sleep in this stunning bedroom.

The up-down lights are installed on the lounge wall and  the heart is mounted on the wall to take the Sonos sound system.


Our kitchen has been ordered – dont worry, it won’t look anything like this when Hugh has finished with it.

The amazing Grant Cosgrove our plumber has arrived, the kitchen is plumbed in.

The ensuite No 2 has been plumber in.

The evacuation pipes are in.

The insulation and plaster boards are along the back wall of the suite No 2.


And l have made the huge contribution of buying a sofa – duck blue velvet – yummmmmm!

This is the second lounge room, leading up from the cave bedroom. Plastering, underfloor heating, wooden floor boards, a cosy sofa and a few chandeliers will finish this off.

SO, that’s where we are at today on the 10th Feb. Hugh knows most of the hard work is done, this is where he comes into his own – finishing off, making the place something very special.


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