Col de la Madeleine, this iconic pass has been used more than 25 times in the Tour de France. From the valley floor at La Lechere, it’s a 26km long climb up to 2000 altitude with an average gradient of 8%. One of the hardest rides in Savoie but also one of the prettiest.
From the balconies at Chalet Savoie Faire you can see the Col,understand the strength it takes to climb and the beauty that surrounds it, a superior route that will challenge your personal strength at each hairpin bend.
Savoie offers cyclists some of the most challenging terrain to be found in Europe, the iconic Cols, Galibier, Telegraphe, Croix de la Fer and Glandon to name few, although the great secret is there are many mountain passes connected by a network of quiet roads that can deliver sensational days on the bike.
Hugh is a passionate cyclist (mountain and road), with intimate knoweledge of the area and can be on hand to deal with questions, help plan routes, bike problems in his fully equipped garage and accompany you on certain rides.
Definitely a climb to ride but you get extra points if you climb your way back to Chalet Savoie Faire, another stunning 13km climb with an average gradient of 6% will have you wanting to scoff the afternoon tea.
We have space at the property over September and October, perfect months to be in the Alps.

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